Windows 8 Tablet Will Run Intel Chip

Microsoft is scheduled to show off their upcoming Windows 8 operating system on a tablet next week, possibly a Samsung manufactured tablet PC and by going with an Intel chip for their first in-depth demo of Windows 8 on a tablet Microsoft is taking the safe route, Intel chips have powered Windows tablet PC’s for years now. This could be a big surprise to many because generally manufacturers prefer ARM processors due to its power efficiency and Intel is working hard to close the power efficiency gap.AMD’s chips are compatible with Windows 8 and AMD chips will support the classic Windows 8 desktop and the tiled Metro user interface so far only seen on Windows Mobile phones……………….

A Samsung tablet expected to be shown at a Microsoft conference next week will be powered by an Intel chip, according to cnet. Windows chief Steven Sinofsky is expected shows off an early version of Microsoft‘s Windows 8 operating system running on a tablet from Samsung at the BUILD developers conference next week in Anaheim, Calif. At least one version of the tablet being shown and possibly distributed to some attendees, will be based on Intel silicon. The fact that Intel is inside could be viewed as a surprise because many Windows 8 tablets are expected to favor competing ARM processors from suppliers like Qualcomm, Texas Instruments and Nvidia, the latter is the same supplier whose chips currently power Motorola, Samsung and Sony tablets that run Google’s Android operating system. Nvidia is expected to have a quad-core chip for tablets and smartphones ready by the end of this year and ARM processors are more power efficient than Intel processors, thus their wide use in tablets and smartphones, but Intel is working to close the power efficiency gap. Power efficient versions of its Sandy Bridge Core i series chips will power Ultrabook laptops as thin as 0.6 inches nd Intel continues to accelerate development of Atom processors, which are already relatively power efficient. It’s unclear how accurate this is as Microsoft had stated that Windows Phone is meant for phones and tablets require the full version of Windows.



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