Wireless Charging For Tablet – A Stand-Out Feature

Nearly all of us have to fuss with the chargers at one point or the other in life. Either it’s the pin that is too small to insert easily or the charger it not plugged well and after an hour or so, you realize that the device wasn’t charged at all. There are a whole lot of problems with chargers with wires. Just imagine how awesome it would be if you simply placed your device on a stand and it got recharged? No fussing with wires or pins, smooth and perfect. This is the idea behind wireless charging. And while this is still limited to very, very few tablets, tablet makers should concentrate on this.

Currently, the option of wireless charging usually becomes available when you purchase a separate dock. For instance, this is available with HTC Evo 4G. You can purchase it’s wireless charger, Powermat, take your HTC device and simply place it on the mat. It would start charging right away.

This option is also available with HP Touchpad and Touchstone dock. You put the tablet into charging on the dock and still use it with perfect ease. Charging devices, tablets specifically, has never been easier.

Today, tablet market is a very lucrative one. And every tablet maker is trying to stand out of the crowd by introducing some unique innovation into their tablet. What is interesting is that no vendor has concentrated much on wireless charging. Not only will it be a really, really awesome feature, it may also make a tablet much more desirable than others. Also, incorporating wireless charging in a device wouldn’t cost a vendor much at the end of the day because the vendor can make it’s profits by selling the docks or mats on which to place the device for wireless charging.

Image courteys Tom Raftery.

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