Target Officially Confirmed The Availability Of The iPad On October 3rd

According to the associated press reports Target has officially confirmed that it will begin offering availability of the iPad on October 3rd.So the rumors has finally washed away.

“The nation’s second-largest discount chain says it will start selling touchscreen tablet computer Oct. 3. The iPad will be covered under the retailer’s 5 percent discount for store credit-card holders, which rolls out Oct. 17. Target hopes the combination of the hit device and the discount will bring in shoppers during the holidays.”

Apple’s lineup for the iPad, claiming that Target will offer four models: the three capacities of Wi-Fi-only iPad and “the Wi-Fi + 3G model”. Apple of course offers the 3G-capable iPad in the same three capacities as the Wi-Fi-only models.Multiple media sources are similarly reporting that Target will offer all six iPad models.

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