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TDK’s new line of Boomboxes and audio gear now officially available and global audio brand’s acclaimed new line available at Best Buy and, among others……….


TDK Life on Record, a portfolio brand of Imation Corp. announced the retail availability of its anticipated new line of premium audio equipment in the United States and Canada, following a successful debut at Austin’s The FADER FORT by FIAT. The bold new line, which has received a number of positive reviews in 2011, features 2 and 3 Speaker Boomboxes; a 360-degree Sound Cube; two Belt Drive Turntables and audiophile-quality Headphones.In addition to online availability in the United States and Canada, shoppers will find the 2 Speaker Boombox on the shelves of Best Buy stores throughout North America, with additional in-store availability set for April 2011.With a majority of the new TDK Life on Record audiophile products available today at, and Canadian retailer Future Shop (both in stores and online), the Turntables will be available throughout the region in April. Additional retailers will also begin offering selected products in April, including J&R, La Curacao, and Nebraska Furniture Mart.


This new line of premium audio equipment from TDK Life on Record blends the warm experience of analog with the precision and convenience of digital technology. The integration of a unique visual equalizer a visual heartbeat brings the music to life, driving the listening experience by creating a strong visual connection with the music. Featuring generous controls and fine tuning features, the products let listeners control and customize their listening experience. Each product embodies hi-fidelity sound and combines clean, striking designs with precision performance to enhance the music experience. “In designing the new TDK Life on Record premium audio products, we hoped to create bold products that connect what people love about analog with the convenience and style of new digital technology,” said Steve Swenson, Global Brand Manager for TDK Life on Record. “The response to what we created has exceeded our expectations. With the products on shelves for people to discover, we are excited to hear about their first-hand listening experiences with the new line.”The new lineup of TDK Life on Record audio products includes:

  • Boomboxes: TDK Life on Record brings this original music culture icon back to life – combining dynamic sound performance, premium surfaces and features that let you customize music your way. Like the music itself, the TDK Boombox is an out-loud expression of your musical identity. It is the perfect combination of digital precision and analog ideals, recalling a time when music was tangible and tactile, as well as warm and vibrant.An innovative equalizer gives the music a visual heartbeat, while touch-sensitive buttons and generous controls deliver simple and intuitive interaction. Digital data streaming allows premium audio decoding and playback while charging Apple iPod and iPhone devices.
    • 3 Speaker Boombox
    • Availability:, and Future Shop/
    • A dedicated, high excursion 6-inch subwoofer driver and two 6-inch coaxial drivers deliver dynamic, full range sound and a striking, retro look.
    • 2 Speaker Boombox
    • Availability: Best Buy and Future Shop/
    • Two powerful six-inch coaxial drivers deliver balanced, full range sound while the integrated handle and tailored shoulder strap make the boombox easily portable.

    Inputs for both 2 and 3 Speaker Boomboxes include USB, 3.5mm and auxiliary ports for connections to an iPod, iPhone, smartphone or USB flash drive. Users can also plug in a guitar or microphone and mix with other music sources.

  • Sound Cube:
    • Availability:, and Future Shop/

    The Sound Cube Audio System is designed to fill your space with sound. Refining the hi-fi audio system to its most essential parts, the Sound Cube is a movable and sharable centerpiece for out-loud expressions of personality. This audio system’s compact, sleek frame belies both its powerful sound, and its advanced capabilities. As a showpiece, the Sound Cube is as visually arresting as it is sonically impressive, with sound ports on each of its four sides delivering 360 degrees of sound. With its tailored handle and lightweight and solid frame, the Sound Cube begs to be seen and shared with the world.Two powerful 5 1/4-inch coaxial drivers deliver full range sound. Play your iPod/iPhone music while charging using the USB to 30 pin Apple cable. Inputs include USB, 3.5mm and auxiliary ports for connections to an iPod, iPhone, smartphone or USB flash drive. Users can also plug in a guitar or microphone and mix with other music sources.

  • Belt Drive Turntables
    • Availability:, and Future Shop/

    TDK Life on Record brings the warmth of analog into the modern age with these advanced belt drive turntables. A perfect balance of performance and style, the exposed belt drive isolates the platter from motor noise, and is continuously monitored by an optical speed sensor and is adjusted to a perfect 33 1/3 or 45 rpm.The uniquely illuminated tone arm and graphic equalizer provide the warmth and visual heartbeat to the modern, yet classic design, along with the freedom to use almost any stylus and cartridge from standard to truly premium through a universal connection.The TDK Life on Record USB Belt Drive Turntable is the essential next step in the vinyl revival. With an integrated pre-amp, USB output, cable and included software (for Windows OS), listeners can import/convert tracks from vinyl to MP3 format on the fly with minimal effort. By simply dropping the needle on the USB Turntable vinyl owners can archive an entire record collection to digital format.

  • Headphones:
    • Availability: and Future Shop/

    The TDK Life on Record High Fidelity Headphones re-imagine the personal listening experience. For the professional and the aficionado, the ST800 headphones prioritize function, comfort and craftsmanship alongside technical superiority, high fidelity and sonic range. With metallic detailing and genuine leather accents, they are visually stunning, exuding a sense of casual luxury while the multi-directional cup design delivers optimal fit and comfort.Sonically tuned by the TDK Life on Record Audio Research Lab, the ST800 headphones deliver authentic sound, optimized for any genre, at any volume. High-performance 50mm drivers deliver amazing clarity and range. On-ear volume and mute controls are always within your reach, and an in-line equalizer with visible display lets you adjust bass and treble levels separately.


U.S. Pricing:

  • $499 – 3 Speaker Boombox
  • $399 – 2 Speaker Boombox
  • $299 – Sound Cube
  • $399 – USB Belt Drive Turntable
  • $299 – Belt Drive Turntable
  • $249 – Headphones

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