Time To Re-Introduce Apple’s Newton?

Newton was one of Apple’s devices, introduced before iPhone, iPod and iPad. It came with a stylus and was introduced by Sculley. But later when Steve Jobs came back to Apple, he rubbished Newton because Jobs was against the notion of using a stylus. Thus, Newton was out in a brief span of time. However, it is being speculated that perhaps Apple can re-introduce Newton, touting it as a mini iPad and equipping it with large storage and efficient functionality – and in this way, Newton can be a success icon.

Newton’s size was considerably smaller than the present size of iPad. So as the demand for smaller tablets grow and Amazon’s Kindle Fire becomes a success, Apple has realized that perhaps the market for small tablets is a reality indeed. Although Steve Jobs was originally opposed to the idea of a smaller tablet, calling it a tablet which can’t be used properly, the success of smaller tablets may force Apple to change this perception.

In case Apple does decide to enter the small tablet market, the old Newton device may come in handy for Apple. Apple can add a few modifications, remove the stylus and make all navigation and functions possible through Siri. Siri is already the world’s most powerful voice-based assistant and by integrating it deep into Newton, Apple can introduce the ¬†concept of an all-new ‘personal assistant’ that is small, powerful and fully voice-based. Apple can add additional lure by integrating a social networking and iTunes experience within Newton so that it becomes the next big thing.

With Newton, Apple has a very viable ready-made choice if it chooses to enter the market of small tablets. Analysts are already suggesting this and agree that it can make a very good choice. And by reinvigorating the device, Apple can add yet another iconic gadget to the market.

Image courtesy Moparx.

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