Traveling PowerStation-Charge Anything Anywhere-PWR27

In recent times we have become heavily dependent on the devices. Starting from accessing information, storing & sharing data, communicating with others and so on. But given a situation where you are far from a charging port, the only thing you should worry about is a battery.

Think of the Battery life as the soul of all the electrical equipment you use. Regardless of how powerful your devices might be, it needs to have juice in its battery. Otherwise what good is it for. And if you are a traveler, the need for a lasting PowerStation is overwhelming, wouldn’t you agree?

Travelers Best Companion

The PWR 27  is tough like you are. Usually, we think of electrical equipment as being sensitive to external factors such as water and dust. And when you are carrying a portable charging station as your traveling companion, it becomes a big issue. But rest assured with PWR 27 PowerStation, as it is dust & waterproof (IP67), drop proof (1000+ft), and crushproof (2 tons).

One PowerStation For All your Devices

But when you are considering buying a portable charging station, know that it isn’t at all feasible to carry separate ones for each of the devices you carry. Think for a second, if you decide to carry a Camera, a Smartphone, a Laptop and a Tablet in one of your trips you are going to need a powerful charging station with ports compatible with the devices. If you have an iPhoneX, you are going to need a USB-C port and for other devices, you might need a USB-A port. The PWR27 comes with 4 ports. Two of the ports are USB-C and the other two are USB-A.

Moreover, you can plug in four different devices simultaneously to PWR27. This is very useful as on a long-trek you can just take a break for 30 minutes, charge up all your devices and continue on with your trek.

How Powerful Is It?

PWR 27 comes with a massive 27,000 mAh (99wH) battery. This means you can charge your iPhone X 10 times, your MacBook Pro twice and your Galaxy S9 9 times.

Wrapping Up!

If you have been postponing a long-trek just because you didn’t know how to keep all your devices charged, now might be a good time to reconsider it. The waterproof, crush-proof and drop-proof PowerStation will not let you down.

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