DreamOn: Your 1-Step Solution For Better Sleep

Every Human Body has its own Internal Clock, which somewhat governs everything we do. It’s actually very subtle, that is why it goes unnoticed. But thanks to all the research done on this matter, you can find out very thorough data on it and even formulate a rigid timetable for you that suits your Body Clock.

But there is another way our body alters depending on the activities we engage in. Furthermore, it also alters with the type of thoughts we have. Now let’s get to the topic of this Blog- DreamOn. It’s a wearable device that works with your body to make you fall asleep.

Manipulating Your Brain

DreamOne introduces such a technology that will communicate with your Brain directly, asking it to initiate the Sleep Cycle. In the previous part of the blog, I have described how our Body Clock affects the state of our body, and our mood to engage in certain activities. But another aspect of our body also dictates what we feel like doing, it even alters as we switch between different actions throughout the day. This subtle indicator is our Brain Waves.

In fact, Brain Waves not only alter with the kind of activity we engage in but also the type of thoughts we are having. If the Lower-Frequency Brain Waves are dominant we will feel tired. On the other hand, when the Higher-Frequency Brain Waves are dominant we feel hyper-alert. DreamOn will emit a Low-Frequency signal which will, in turn, encourage your brain to replicate its vibration.

Wrapping Up!

You might be wondering do we really need such a device? Well, we actually have been relying on other methods for falling asleep like taking sleeping pills. So, yes the need does exist of such a device. You might argue isn’t it the time to better the nature of existing methods instead of replacing them. Yes! That is also a valid point. This is why DreamOn comes with a Companion App.

DreamOn will make their App available on both iOS and Android Devices. The App connects to DreamOn via Bluetooth. The App will provide the user with improved calibration, sleep tracking, tips, guided meditations, and relaxing soundscapes. But let us know about your take on DreamOn. We love hearing from you.

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