Video Of Romeo Robot Released For The First Time

Imagine a robot which can assist the elderly people by performing a number of tasks for them. It can be of immense use, not only in the households but also commercially, in industries and other places. A lot of work has gone into the development of such a robot. Once such near-complete humanoid is Romeo Robot. It is being build by Aldebaran Robotics and now it has been captured on a video for a first time. You can watch the video below.

Romeo Robot is 143 cm tall, which puts it at a height which is quite the same as normal human height. The robot is being designed so that it can carry out many different tasks for the elderly people. That is why it is being termed as a ‘real assistant.’ ¬†Although a video of the robot has been released now, the video does not fully bring out the many different functions or voice controls related to the robot.

Nonetheless, the video depicts that the robot is indeed making progress and that soon, we may hear good news at this front. Here is the video of Romeo Robot:

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