New Technology To Charge Your Mobile Phone With Your Shoes

It’s really frustrating when your cellphone battery dies off while you were on line with someone. Seems like, a new technology can save you from the anger and frustration. The technology promises to charge your cellphone from your shoes while you are walking or running. A chip, inserted into the sole of your shoe, will produce electricity while you are walking or running, and the chip will be directly connected to your mobile device through a wire that will charge the device simultaneously.  If you are no position to walk at the time your cellphone is giving low battery signals, don’t worry. Because the shoe also have an option to store the electricity produced while you walked into your office in an in-built capacitor. All you have to do is to connect your phone to the chip with a wire, and it will supply the electricity for charging from the stored energy.

Anthony Mutua's Developed Shoe That Charges Mobile Phone , Image credit:

The prototype has been shown at the Science and Innovation Week at the Kenyatta International Conference Centre in Nairobi last week. The 24 year old inventor, Anthony Mutua, has developed an ultra-thin chip of crystals which use Electro-Kinetic technology, a technology where the gravity induces pressure and creates electricity, to realize the design.

Anthony Mutua is a graduate of Mombasa Polytechnic University College. He patented his invention with the Kenya Industrial Property Institute. The development of Mutua’s prototype was funded by the National Council of Science and Technology, and the council will also help in the commercialization of the technology.

Mutua planning to go in mass production of the design with the second option, where the energy produced would be stored for supplying charging current later on. The shoes, fitted with the chip and other things, will cost Sh 3800 (approx. $45.50) initially, and will come with 2.5 year warranty. Mutua is hoping that his invention may spur a new business model for lot of people, and price will come down with wide spread adoption.

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