Zune HD prices Reduced

Finally Microsoft has reduced its already comparatively low Zune HD prices. The new prices are 16GB Zune HD has dropped in price from $220 to $190, and the 32GB Platinum Zune HD has fallen from $290 to $250.
zune hd
These price cuts further boost the Zune’s edge over the iPod touch line in terms of pricing, with the 32GB Zune HD now $50 less than the 32GB iPod touch, and the 16GB Zune HD $10 less than the 8GB iPod touch. That’s right; the Zune competitor for the 8GB iPod touch packs twice the storage capacity of its rival, for $10 less.

While the Zune HD line boasts superior specs on paper, Enhanced entertainment is vivid with a 3.3 inch touchscreen.Get instant access to more FM stations with crystal clear, CD-quality sound. View 720p movies and TV shows on your HDTV.

You can also buy and stream your music in any wi-fi hotspot and sync wirelessly to a PC.Loaded with multi-touch, accelerometer, and 3D graphics, Zune HD makes portable gaming even more exciting. All to the sound of your favorite music. Download free games from our catalog of popular titles like Vans Sk8: Pool Service and Audiosurf Tilt.

You can Purchase a Zune HD and customize it with a free Valentine’s Day design! Choose from five exclusive colors and add text engraving on back. Personalize your entertainment experience—and make it more lovable—with Zune Originals.


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