Nikon NF-300i Android Photo Frame

Nikon NF-300i is glassess free 3D stereoscopic picture frame powered by Android.3D images can be viewed with naked eye by Nikon NF-300i photo frame.Nikon NF-300i photo frame offers a calender,clock,weather forecast,RSS reader,Web browser and many more……

NF-300i is a type of liquid crystal panels, double-density pixels horizontally lenticular system, high quality 3D without special glasses stereoscopic images can be enjoyed.In addition, the system uses a liquid crystal panel, the horizontal double-density pixels, 2D images can provide the 3D image display with the same resolution. Conventional 3D image display panel because it requires a 3D left two pixels for each pixel of the image, 3D image display in half horizontal resolution 2D compared to the image display. Therefore, 3D LCD panel system with a horizontal double-density pixel density structure factor in the lateral direction relative to the resolution of the image. This 2D and 3D images of the same resolution it possible to view images.

NF-300i is “my Picturetown 3D” in 3D you submitted to the members-only service to deliver a 3D digital photo frame. NF-300i in a 3D image display, my Picturetown to store the photos please enjoy 3D conversion. “My Picturetown 3D” and just pay for your services, 3 month, your favorite 3D pictures can be converted. Work has so far taking the 3D.Also enjoy various content such as 3D 3D 3D images and short clips will be delivered video.

It’s a 7.2-inch digital photo frame running Android 2.1 on an autostereoscopic (glasses-less) screen, which sports a special double-density lenticular lens to display images at full WSVGA resolution (800 x 600) whether in 2D or 3D modes. It pulls down images from the cloud to 4GB of internal storage over wired ethernet and 802.11 b/g WiFi, or via USB port if you happen to have MPO files just sitting around for some reason. The notion is that Japanese users will sign up for Nikon’s new My PictureTown 3D conversion and hosting service for ¥19,550 (about $244) a year or ¥1,995 ($24) a month and get all their JPEG vacation photos spirited to the device in glorious 3D.

NF-300i is Android ™ OS is installed. Android ™ OS to work with this “my Picturetown 3D” application only works with my Picturetown storage, 3D images, of course, play a photo that is stored in the storage.”My Picturetown 3D” application-only, my Picturetown stored images (3D, including images) playback and slideshow viewing, 3D features and other viewer underlying such of Content Delivery gallery, calendar, clock, alarm, weather, RSS reader are available. In addition, a simple app or from a private home Android ™ Web browsing is possible.


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