Serious Polluters Will Get Death Penalty: China

China has decided to crack down on polluters at an all out scale. A new judicial explanation, that took effect on Wednesday, has given courts the power to hand down death penalties to serious polluters.

air pollution in China

For three decades, China has been following a policy of growth at all costs. But a growing affluent class has now taken a stand against it, with the environment as a prime focus.

Thousands of people have taken the streets to protest over pollution. The increasing air pollution in Beijing has added a sense of unease among the citizens.

The public anger has unnerved the government, and a tougher stance on pollution has been announced. The state news agency Xinhua reported that the new judicial interpretation will tighten the country’s “lax and superficial” enforcement of environmental laws. “In the most serious cases the death penalty could be handed down,” it said.

The new judicial explanation will ensure the rights of the investigators facilitate the work of judges and tighten punishment for the polluters. And, the highest level punishment is a death penalty.

Thanks to: Reuters

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