Purify Water Through Solar Bag While You Walk

In many parts of the world, access to safe drinking water is a major concern. People often have to walk many miles per day to get water. The problem is, even that water is not always purified before drinking, which often leads to death from water-borne diseases. According to reports, water-borne diseases kill more people in Africa, than war and violence. But, that may be curbed with Solar Bag – an innovative solar water purifier.

Solar Bag

Ryan Lynch and Marcus Triest has made a solar water purifier, Solar Bag, that purifies water using ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sunlight. The UV rays kill the bacteria and viruses in water and purifies it. And to do that you don’t need any electricity or gas. Just carry your Solar Bag, filled up with water, while you are walking under the sun. The sunlight will automatically purify the water in the bag.

The Solar Bag uses the SODIS (or Solar Water Disinfection) method to purify water. The Bag is made from polyethylene with a high clarity layer on the outside and a black layer of the same inside. The clear layer allows maximum passage of UV rays while the black side absorbs the heat from the sunlight which heats up the water and accelerates the process of water purification.


The Solar Bag can contain 2.5 gallons (9.4 liters) of water at a time, which allows it to be easily transported like a sling backpack. To release clean water, a spigot at the bottom of the bag can be used. As the designers have also added a mini filter kit and a balloon pump in the bag. The bag takes six hours to purify the water. It will cost nearly $5 to buy the water purification materials for each bag.

Source : Ryan Lynch, Marcus Triest
Thanks To : TreeHugger

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