During 2012, 46.2% New Electricity Generation Capacity Was Green

Each year, the electricity needs of the world are increasing at an exponential rate. With a greater bevy of electronics made available each day, this is no surprise. The good news is that in U.S., nearly 46.2% of the new electricity generation capacity installed through the current year was renewable.

New electricity generation capacity 2012

To procure such a significant amount of green power, the energy sector has relied on a number of alternative resources. According to the ‘Energy Infrastructure Update’ by Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, 92 wind projects have been launched during the first ten months of 2012.

Apart from that, 167 solar projects were launched which have produced nearly 1032MW. Another 70 biomass projects have also been launched in the same period creating 409 MW of electricity. Seven geothermal projects and 9 water power projects are also part of the renewable power portfolio, procuring 135 MW collectively.

In all, these projects total 6979 MW which is nearly 46.2% of the total new electricity generation during the year 2012. In comparison, additions to the portfolio of more traditional power sources was as follows, “By comparison, new natural gas capacity additions since January 1, 2012 totaled 67 projects (5,702 MW) or 37.8% while three new coal projects added 2,276 MW (15.1%). Nuclear and oil represented just 0.8% and 0.1% of new capacity additions respectively.”

This year’s results are a significant improvement over the last year when only 30% of the new electricity generation was renewable. One hopes that the improvement continues over the years and next year, we are able to see a greater share of the renewable sources in the new electricity generation.

Source: FERC

Courtesy: Grist

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