Element5 Bring Mini L Solarbag Provides Eco-Friendly Energy

The Mini L Solarbag is ushering a whole new generation of mobile power gaining. Element5’s Swiss Made Mini L Solarbag is tailored to fit your iDevice of choice, but it’s fairly obvious that the iPad line will be most at home here. For the first time, a solar bag has been designed from scratch to go perfectly with your favourite gadgets. From the plain design with a refreshingly easy handling to the hand-picked build materials: Everything is designed for a seemless perfomance with your electronic devices.


It starts with our revolutionary eMicro-Battery which sets new standards at recharging Smartphones and iPads. In addition, the all-new (BluCell) solar panel allows an efficient use of solar energy. And an elaborate and careful manual production in Switzerland guarantees highest quality and finish.


Future solar bags will be perfected in form, simple and sophisticated from the solar panel right to the connector cable: Just like our e5 Mini L. Of course Swiss Made. We’re guessing that the company’s taking a few liberties with that “mini miracle” tagline, and we aren’t exactly thrilled with the lack of information surrounding charging time, but those who value form over function can get their order in now for 348 Swiss Franc (or $412 in actual money).

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