Energy-Efficient Concept Vehicle Powered By a Hybrid Engine

Nikita Kalinin, a talented designer has recently unveiled its latest creation – the next-generation sports coupe dubbed Honda X-Track.The two-seater vehicle is powered by a hybrid engine and it can be used in 2 modes: street mode and track mode.

In street mode, the car’s aerodynamic body panels cut down on drag to increase fuel efficiency. In track mode, the body panels and headlamps can be removed to cut down on the vehicle’s weight, increasing speed.

In the track mode some of the car’s parts, such as body panels and headlamps, can be removed in order to reduce the weight of the car and improve its agility.

All of the engine’s components are located in the front, which means that there’s plenty of room in the trunk.

The X-Track also comes with KERS (Kinetic Energy Recovery System) hybrid technology, which stores kinetic energy from braking in lithium-ion batteries. No word on when (or if) this vehicle will be released.


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  1. Mark

    very fucking sexy. i’m crossing my fingers to see this go to the next round. maybe they could revive the integra and bring some fun back to acura.

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  3. Jon2guapo

    I laughed when in the commentary, it stated that all of the engine’s components were in the front… Well DUUUHHH!  Though it did not state that the weight distribution (huge front bias), center of gravity and polar moment of inertia would all be horribly upset by this ‘false innovation’.   Oh, did I leave out that if you left off the body panels that the decrease in weight would prove more valuable to fuel mileage if driven at the same acceleration in town?  TYPICAL HONDA CRAPola.  Another in the world’s longest line of hybrid concept, into production and finally discontinued stillborn reverse engineering.  When I was 16 years old, when I would take my car to the drag strip, I would take off the front bumper and had moved the battery to the trunk for weight bias for better acceleration… Sound familiar?  They must of had a spy in my Dad’s garage in 1971…

  4. Anonymous

    That´s THE car

  5. Ronaldryan

    The human though of outside design is intelligence, BUT, the intelligences on inward technology needs to charge. This design needs future inside, as “self recharged battery system, a car that recharges itself.” no fuel, no plug-ins, self charging is the future, gentlemen.
    The car must charge itself, 24/7. It can be done!

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  18. Junior Perrera

    This is definitely a step up in design for Honda. I like how the designers have thought of altering the shape of the body to contribute to the fuel-efficiency of the vehicle. In it is an innovative concept, as most car manufacturers today concentrate on the development of the engine per se, paying little mind to the shape of the car itself. While the engine is the primary concern in fuel-efficiency, the shape of the car is also important. An aerodynamic vehicle is subject to less air-friction, and that can allow the car to use less fuel while on the move.

  19. Guest


  20. compareautoinsurancequotes

    Beautiful designs from Honda! All about efficiency!

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