ES Pipe: Waterwheel – Turns Regular Water Supply Into A Mini Hydroelectric Generator

Now a days many energy efficient technologies are evolving to reduce energy consumption. Today I am going to introduce a new technology which generates electricity through the pipe waterwheel. In the third world countries like in Africa or South-Eastern Asia, this technology is much more useful. There are some areas in these regions where people didn’t have the opportunity to use electricity. This technology is not the solution of grid electricity at all; rather you can use it for low energy consumption devices such as light bulb. As it can store energy in a battery, so only dc electricity will be used.

This nice idea has been designed by Ryan Jongwoo Choi who was one of the finalists at the 2012 IDEA award (International Design Excellence Award). He calls the technology as “ES Pipe Waterwheel concept.”

The concept
The concept is simple & nothing has to be compromised actually. A waterwheel is installed near the switch tape. Four wheels or tiny turbines are there to generate Kinetic energy from the flow of water. Each time water passes through the waterwheel the generated hydroelectric energy from the plumbing of water turns into electricity that can be used to power light bulbs. As you see, if this tiny waterwheel is not installed then the flow of water is unutilized. It is easy to install and easy to detach. The generated power can be stored in a battery and use where needed.

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