Giant Vertical Flower Pot Purifies Air

Are you looking for something to purify the indoor air of your home or office? If yes, then what are you planning to buy? Must be an Air Purifier machine which you have to set at your home or office. But, did you think, the purifier machine which purifies the non-purified air itself impure the air? Still interested in buying? Don’t worry. Now, you can purify air through Active Modular Phytoremediation (AMP) system. It’s cheap, Eco-friendly and it doesn’t impure air.

Plants definitely help to purify air, but in a small area. They can’t purify the air of a large area. Rhizosphere which is located near the roots of a plant purifies the air. But as roots are placed far deep in pots, they can’t perform to purify the air well. At this point, at best is using the AMP system. The AMP system is consisted of a perforated and irrigated sheet of plastic. This plastic sheet is absolutely vacuum-molded. This sheet lets the users raising walls of hydroponic plants in open air. The plants are kept into the perforations where the plants’ roots are exposed to airborne toxins. The wall which is made by sheet guides the pollutants to the roots where the rhizospheres can do their job.


According to SOM’s PR, “As the air passes over the roots, microorganisms that live on the roots absorb volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and other pollutants from the air and break them down into harmless substances. The filtered air passes through the AMP unit and circulates back to the indoor environment.”

For air filter, microorganisms living on the roots absorb VOCs and other pollutants. They break them down into non-toxic material. Once the air is filtered, it returns through the AMP system and wanders around the room. The Center for Architecture Science and Ecology (CASE) claims that it purify 80% air of a large office. It means, fresh air is not needed to be pumped into buildings from other sources.

Still now, the AMP system is in the testing period. Being hope that, it will be prepared completely in no time and we’re going to have fresh air all the time in our home or office. Price will be decided as soon as it is completed. I think, it’s a nice technology. Do share with us about what do you think of this technology.

Source : Fastcodesign
Image Credit : SOM



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