How To Solve World Hunger with IOT

The current population of the world is roughly 7.442 Billion people. Is it possible to feed all of them? Well, one light of hope comes from the fact that world hunger has decreased from its previous level of 20% to 16%. But the question remains how to solve world hunger completely!

Before brainstorming the solution to the hunger problem, let’s pinpoint the factors from where it originates. According to a report, one in every seven people does not get the nutrition intakes that is required every day. Does it mean that we as a civilization are growing less crop than market demand? Or does it mean, the price is so high, most people cannot afford the right diet for them and their families every day!

How To Solve World Hunger

For the past few decades, we as a civilization has been able to reduce the number of hungry people worldwide despite the fact that the global population has been on the rise more than ever. But still, we haven’t reached our vision of a hunger-free world.

And in plain words, it isn’t that tough of a job given that we produce more than enough food to feed the entire global population. So where do we fail? In the process of getting the harvest to making it available for purchase by the end users. And if you look at the infographic below, you will learn that 25% of the global harvest is lost or wasted!

Improving the Supply chain!

According to a report by the World Bank, in south-East Asia, 90% of the wasted calories are lost during Transportation and Storage. Which means we actually have something to work with! IOT can inform the producers about all the details that might damage the harvest. After which the producers can install different monitoring techniques and damage minimization mechanisms to reduce the Food loss.

World Economic Forum has a great blog on this topic. They have also identified some other techniques for implementing IOT to pull down World Hunger. If you have time make sure to check it out! Here is a  quick link to the blog 7 ways the Internet of Things can help end world hunger.

Wrapping Up

How do you think, IOT can pull down the World Hunger? Please leave a comment below sharing your thoughts with us. In the meantime here is a quick blog on VR In Healthcare: What To Expect?

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