i-H2GO: A Hydrogen Fuel-powered Toy Car

After having a great response and admiration from people for the toy car H2GO that requires water to run instead of batteries, Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies made i-H2GO, the successor of H2GO. But i-H2GO is such a toy car which can be controlled through a free app on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch.


The i-H2GO runs on hydrogen gas which is produced in a special portable refueling station. The refueling station converts distilled water to hydrogen gas through electrolysis. Later you have to transfer the hydrogen gas to the i-H2GO car and wait a few minutes for the hydrogen gas to be converted into electricity through an on-board compact fuel cell. The electricity is stored in a capacitor until you are ready to operate the car.

i-H2Go - 1

The technology is amazingly cool. The entire refueling process takes about one minute. Once the car is refueled, what you need to do is just to switch on the power and control it using Bluetooth on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. You can control the car in forward and reverse, brake and steer with either of two different controller modes.

i-H2Go - 2

You can even switch to gyro control so the car steers as you rotate your mobile device, just like a steering wheel. The iH2GO is fun to maneuver. It has a top speed of up to 15 km/hour (10 mph). The i-H2GO runs for about five minutes per refueling charge.

i-H2Go - 3

On the other hand, the refueling station is powered by either a solar panel or USB cable, both comes in the packet. The solar panel recharges the refueling station in about 10 hours and makes your i-H2GO completely green, while the USB cable charges the refueling station in about 5 hours. Once fully charged, the refueling station is fully portable and will provide 8-10 complete refueling cycles on the i-H2GO.

i-H2Go - 4

This car comes fully assembled and requires no batteries. The required remote control app is free and compatible with iOS 4.3 and later versions. The i-H2GO car, refueling station, solar charging panel, USB charging cable and instructions are all included in the box. The company has assured that it will bring the Android version of the control app soon. However, The i-H2Go is available now for US$180. Here’s a video of the toy car for you.

Source: Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies
Thanks To: Gizmag

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