Want To Own The UK’s First Solar-powered House? Costs Only £1.2 Million

Solar-powered houses bring less electricity bill or no bill. The UK’s first fully solar-powered house is going to be sold. If you buy this house, you will never receive a gas or electricity bill again. Do you wish to buy it? Its price is only £1.2 million!

UK's First Fully Solar-powered Home

The UK’s first solar-powered house is timber-framed house. It has been built on  two acres of land and is situated at Great Glen, Leicestershire. The house consists of 5 bedrooms and contains a number of ‘zero-carbon features’, including solar electric energy, triple glazing and rainwater storage.

UK's First Solar-powered House - 1

The solar panels on the roof of the house are called hybrids because they collect both electrical and thermal energy. The house is entirely heated by underground water-filled tubes that are warmed by solar energy from rooftop panels. The buried pipes heat the Earth beneath the foundations during the summer and the ground retains the heat in winter, warming the house.

UK's First Solar-powered House - 2

Solar walls can preheat incoming ventilation air, and an Earth Energy Bank (EEB) with heat pump can store heart, and retrieve it for use when temperatures drop. The house’s south-facing triple-glazed windows can enhance the house’s energy management during the winter.

UK's First Solar-powered House - 3

However, all the technologies are controlled by a control system, which monitors the inside and outside temperatures, how much energy is being captured by the solar panels, and the heat levels in the EEB and domestic hot water tank.

UK's First Solar-powered House - 4

The solar house requires heat from the EEB for about 10 weeks of the year. If you want to buy the house, then you have to spend £1.2 million.

Source: Daily Mail

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