IBM Working On Cloud-Based App To Let Drivers Recharge EVs Using Renewable Energy

IBM is currently developing a cloud based web app with Swiss utility EKZ that will help the drivers to let them use renewable source to recharge their electric vehicles. This app could be very useful to reduce the pressure on power grid as now the main source of recharging of EVs is power grid. The app will also allow schedule recharging during peak production time of renewable energy.

According to Swiss utility EKZ, the mass production of electric cars is alarming news for power sector of Switzerland. As production of electricity is limited, the proliferation of Ev will strain on the power grid. If in case, all the EVs are connected for recharging, it will collapse the whole power grid system.

From this concerning issue, IBM is testing on app to offload the power grid. The main attractive service is that it will notify the drivers the timing of the production of peak renewable energy. The app will then act as a media for the drivers & the power companies by providing the drivers when the most wind, solar, or hydro electricity is being produced, and schedule charging during those times.

Peter Franken, head of the Energy Distribution department of EKZ, in a news release said, “Electric vehicles can be used to buffer the irregular production of electricity from future renewable sources, which will contribute to the overall stability of the electrical network. With this project we can show how electric vehicles can create a balance between supply and demand for smarter energy grids.”


A device will be connected to the battery & charging system of the electric vehicle. The device will also be connected to cellular phone where the app is installed. Through cellular network the device will send battery & charging information of electric car to the cloud system of IBM. The cloud system will communicate with the power companies about real-time electricity rates and demand. The app on the mobile then notifies the driver about charging his/her electric vehicle using renewable energy. Two ways are there for charging. Driver himself/herself can schedule when he/she sees low electricity rates or the driver can pass over the process to the power company to schedule charging when renewable energy production is at the peak.

According to news source, “In the pilot project, real-time production data of photovoltaic solar panels located at EKZ’s facility in Dietikon, Switzerland is transmitted to IBM’s cloud. An electric vehicle connected to the grid is charged when solar electricity is being produced, and the system can adapt to other supplies if solar production is low.”

Please see the below video:

Thanks, Photo Credit: IBM


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