LED Art Project Will Light Up San Francisco’s Bay Bridge For $30.14 Per Night

LEDs are known for being excellent power-savers and are often used for different lightning purposes. ‘Bay Lights’ is an intriguing project which involves the use of some 25,000 LED lights on the Bay Bridge in San Francisco. Quite amazingly, the total bill for lighting up these LEDs would be a mere $30.14 per night.

Bay Lights

The project is currently being headed by an artist, Leo Villareal. Villareal is all set to kickstart ‘Bay Lights’ into action by switching them on tonight.

The project has been able to entice the interest of a number of companies which, in turn, pooled the $8 million that went into turning this dream into a reality. Among the notable individuals who decided to fund this project are Yahoo’s CEO Marissa Mayer and Zynga’s CEO Marc Pincus.

The LED lights that are installed on the bridge are spread on a distance of 2 kilometers and the major portion of the funds went into procuring the 100,000 feet of power cable that was required to connect these LEDs to the power supply. Commenting on the project, an active supporter stated, “I live and work in the city, my office overlooks the bridge.¬†When in your life are you going to have an opportunity to take a major traffic artery, beautiful bridge and turn it into a world class art installation?”

The most amazing part of the project is that now that the LEDs have been installed, lighting them up for an entire night would cost a mere $30.14. This means that in the long-run, the power costs of this art work installation are going to be fairly minimal.

Courtesy: Bloomberg

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