Skinny Player – Body Heat Powered Music Player

Chih-Wei Wang and Shou-His Fu have designed a unique MP3 player. Called the “Skinny Player”, the music player is attached to the user’s skin in a similar way to a plaster.It is a lot simpler and thinner than the iPod Shuffle, incorporating storage, a battery, a play/stop button and speakers into a Band-Aid-like form factor.

Both designers claim that MP3 player will not lose its adhesive power even after being attached and removed hundreds of times and it is easily cleaned using a damp cloth.

Like its inspiration, the Skinny Player adheres to the user’s body. This is not just practical but essential to the device, because it will use the person’s body heat to recharge its batteries.

The Skinny Player MP3 player also does not require batteries but obtains power from body heat created during movement. The flexible player has an on/off button and a flexible speaker so it does not require headphones, and has enough memory to hold an album of music.

No technical information of this MP3 player and how body heat works as a power supply is available to the public yet. The Skinny Player is ideal for sports enthusiasts and is a step towards battery free music.


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  1. Gdf

    What kind of witch-craft is this?…

  2. marge88

    Where is this product available nice way of saving in battery and disposable

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