IKEA Selling Assemblyless Solar Panels For Houses In UK

Solar panels are getting popular day by day all over the world. Although there are many companies selling solar panels in the UK, now Swedish flat-pack furniture giant IKEA has started selling solar panels for house in that country.

Solar Panels On House Roof

Chinese solar company Hanergy has made the panels. Each panel costs £5,700 or about $9,200. But the biggest difference with other solar panels and this solar panels are others need installation, but this one needs no installation.

IKEA has already started selling the panels to its story in Southampton, England. Now, the company plans on selling them in the rest of its 17 UK stores in the coming months. In fact, the company has planned to become a 100% sustainable company by 2020, stating it “will produce as much renewable energy as we consume in our operations.”

Source: Mashable

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