World’s Largest Vertical Farm Coming to Dubai

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World’s Largest Vertical Farm will cover 130,000 square feet, production output is 900 acres of farmland and its first product will be supplied to Emirates Flight Catering’s customers.

Dubai is getting the world’s biggest vertical farm which is totally the biggest compared to any other farm in the area. This vertical farm will cover around 130,000 square feet but it has a production output which is equal to 900 acres of farmland.

The vertical farm will produce crops in indoor farms by using modern technology to enable herbicide-free and pesticide-free. The great advantage of this farm is that it can produce 3 US tons (2700 kg) of crops daily with high-quality and also using 99% less water than other outdoor fields!

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The first food of this farm will be supplied to the customers of Emirates Flight Catering. Also, 105 other airlines and 25 airport lounges will be getting them on demand. The $40m project is a joint venture with U.S. based Crop One Holdings that is the world’s leading vertical farm operator and Emirates Flight Catering. They will start the construction in November 2018.

This Vertical Farm will be built near Al Maktoum International Airport. The main objective of this farm is to reduce transport distance and also allow food to reach customers within hours of harvest.

As one of the world’s largest airline catering operations, Emirates Flight Catering constantly looks at innovation and ways to improve our productivity, product and service quality,” said Saeed Mohammed who is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Emirates Flight Catering. “By investing to build and operate the world’s largest vertical farming facility, we secure our own supply chain of high quality and locally-sourced fresh vegetables, while significantly reducing our environmental footprint. We are pleased to partner with Crop One and together we look forward to delivering a best-in-class product and excellent value to our customers and stakeholders”

How will The World’s Largest Vertical Farm Produce Crops?

This Largest farm will work in a series of containers. The best process for producing food is that they will use unique formulas for each plant so that crops can grow in a hydroponic system and also free of pesticide. In case of hydroponic farms, there is no need of large amount of chemicals, soil, and sunlight. Hydroponic farms could be an effective way of producing crops like a region such as the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

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For the highest growth of crops, everything is customized depending on over 500,000 data points. It includes the actual amount of water, sun, and nutrients. The main advantage of this farm is that this farm can produce a huge amount of crops every month of the year.

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