How To Convert YouTube To MP3-Step By Step Guide

If you wish to download mp3 songs directly from YouTube, know that it is not possible. In fact, there is no inbuilt feature in Youtube that allows downloading of mp3 format YouTube videos. Although, there are many other valid alternatives. In this regard learning how to convert YouTube To MP3 is a very useful skill to acquire.

Many videos on YouTube are not commercially available in mp3 format. In such cases, where you need an mp3 format of a song that you cannot find otherwise, online YouTube to mp3 converter tools come in handy. Although you should know that downloading videos or converting them to mp3 is illegal unless you are using them for your very own personal use.

Without further ado, let’s learn the step by step process of converting YouTube videos to mp3 format. For this illustration, we are going to use Y2mate. It is a great online tool for converting YouTube videos to mp3.

How To Convert YouTube To MP3

Step 01: Go to YouTube.

Step o2: Copy Video URL.

Step 03: Visit

Step 04: Paste video URL in the ‘Search or Paste link here.’

Step 05: Click on the 2nd Column MP3.

Step 06: Click on the green Download button.

The instructions should be self-explanatory. But if you still face any difficulties please comment below.

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