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How To Enhance Your Smartphone Photos

Your smartphone may not be your best camera, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage.If you have good lighting and interesting subject matter and you wil be in good shape regardless of what you are shooting with.Do you want to know how to make your smartphone photos look like it taken with a nicer camera?Then here’s how to make it look like your photo came from a nicer camera…….

The techniques described aren’t just for iPads on tables. You can use them for pretty much any photo to quickly make them look like they came out of a better camera than.Each enhancement is pretty simple on its own, but there are quite a few of them that make up the process in the video. They’re much easier to learn by watching, so check out the video if you want to see the whole process.

Overview of what the video covers:

  • Create a more shallow depth of field to make the subject of the photo pop.
  • Enhance the color of the photo with the gradient tool and blending modes.
  • Add a spotlight with the gradient tool.
  • Remove unwanted parts of the photo with the clone stamp, healing brush, or content-aware fill feature (new to Photoshop CS5).


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