How To Recover Deleted Or Lost Partition On Windows 10

Mistakenly deleted a partition in disk management? We are here to give you a simple solution to recover your partition.

You are using your computer on a daily basis. Everything is good but suddenly an incident has happened. You just lost a partition of your hard disk. It could be a disaster for you. But don’t get frustrated. We are here to give you a solution. You can easily recover lost partition on windows.

So the question is how a partition get lost? There are three different causes for a partition to get lost.

Human Error

You had accidentally deleted your partition with or without knowing yourself. You are in disk management and suddenly deleted a partition by mistake.

Data Corruption

Sometimes the file system gets corrupted and hard drive unable to work correctly. Then your partition gets lost.

Malware Attack

There has a kind of malware or virus that causes partition lost. They attack Master Boot Record (MBR) and your hard drive unable to work correctly. Then your partition gets lost.


There was a condition to recovering your data. If you create a new partition and store data before recovery than it might be a problem for recovery success. So don’t create any partition before recovery.

Let’s get started:

Step 1:

To get started Download AOMEI Partition Assistant from here.

Step 2:

Open AOMEI Partition Assistant. Then click on Partition Recovery Wizard from the left side and Select the hard disk that you want to recover.

Step 3:

Now click on your disk that contains lost disk and click Next. (If you can’t find disk then select the entire hard drive)

Step 4:

Select Fast search and click Next.

Step 5:

Select your lost partition and click Proceed. (If you are not sure that partition then select Explore files in this selected partition to view the files of that partition)

Step 6:

Now click on Finish to restore your lost partition. That’s all.

There has also another software to recover lost partition. You can try “Active@ Partition Recovery”. The Download link is here. Let us know if you find it helpful and successfully recovered your data through the comment section below.

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