[Tutorial] How To Search In All New iOS 7

Stunned with all new feature after updating to iOS 7? But cant seems to figure out how to search? Thinking where the hell is search. Dont fight, its not beside home screen anymore. Apple bought it forward, made it more easy, but you have to know how. Here we come!

iOS 7 Search

Stop this BS, Just tell me how to Search:

Ok, I understand your frustration. It even took me awhile to figure that out. Here is how

Now you can access Spotlight search from anywhere on your homescreens, just swipe down anywhere of the screen, without actually touching any Apps or folder. If it sounds troublesome, just try it, its super easy and really convenient. Just dont pull down from very top it brings down Notification Area.

Now you could search among contacts, apps, emails and notes. The old web search result is gone, but I dont know if it had much usage, you could use Siri now to search, Siri will bring all results from the web, in more curated way.

Search Apps in iOS 7

Yes, that’s it. Sorry for the Drama! Its really this easy.

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