[Tips] How To Make Your Smartphones And Tablets Last Longer

In this article I will give you some tips which will help you to extend the life of your mobile phone or tablet, so you don’t have to waste money on buying new one every single year.

Tip 1: Handle your phone carefully and store it in a clean, dry and dust free place.

Tip 2: Do not expose your phone to liquid or moisture (bathroom, kitchen). Humidity and liquids damage the electronics of your device and memory card which are often irreparable. Also, do not allow children to keep a mobile in their mouth.

Tip 3: Do not expose your phone to extreme high or low temperatures and sudden temperature changes because moisture condensation occurs. For example, avoid leaving your device inside the vehicle during sun or overnight.

Tip 4: Use only original accessories, otherwise you could damage your phone or cause malfunction with no possibility of making use of guarantees.

Tip 5: Prevents your battery’s metal contacts encountering with other objects of the same material as a key or coin that could cause a short-circuit.

Tip 6: Always try to turn off your phone before removing the battery, which can shorten its life.

Tip 7: Do not place your device or install wireless equipment in the area above your car’s air bag because in case of car accident the air bags can destroy your device.

Tip 8: Do not attempt to disassemble your device, it will void the warranty. Only authorized service personnel can perform any kind of changes on hardware, any other service is unauthorized and void the warranty.

Tip 9: Recharge battery of your device by strictly following the manufacturer’s instructions, this will improve its life and functioning. Moreover, by doing otherwise it can irreparably damage it and void the warranty.

Tip 10: When you are recharging your battery disable all connections on your device such as bluetooth, infrared, WiFi, illuminated display, among others. They consume a lot of power and will require your battery to longer recharge which will shorten its life.

Make sure you follow above tips and your device and its battery will certainly last much longer than usual. If you have any other suggestions which should be added into this list, leave them in comment section below.

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