[Tips] Necessary Apps To Protect Your Android Smartphone

With so many advaced features Androids, iPhones and Windows smartphones offers, they become indispensable in our daily life. However with all this it raises new issues in terms of security of our personal and professional data. Surprisingly, there is a very little literature on the subject. In this TheTechJournal tutorial, I will give you my own tips and suggestions on which apps you should be using on your Android phone in order to be sure you data is safe and secure.

The Main Risks For Your Data

When you walk every day with smartphone inside your pocket, without even noticing you also carry an important part of your digital privacy and professional life. Without being too aware, what was left before on computer at home or at work now finds itself exposed to the sight of everyone. Whatever your smartphone operating system is, you can’t be 100% sure that your data is safe. So that’s by you always need to have some additional security tools next to those by default you have on your phone.

Below three applications which I suggested only to Android users will certainly help you protect and raise your data security to higher level. All these apps are tested for several weeks on a Galaxy S and I have seen no slowdowns or lessening of autonomy.

App #1: Smart App Protector

First level of protection by my choice will certainly be the Smart App Protector, which will allow you to choose to lock certain applications that you consider sensitive. In summary, when opening an app, a code, unlock symbol or pattern which you previously setup is required. As you decide what you want to lock, you’ll quickly find that this app has a lot of great options e.g.:

  • replacing the lock function that Android offer by default
  • lock sensitive applications in case of theft or phone usage without your knowledge (banking apps, Google checkout, etc…)
  • better compartmentalize your work and private life (would you accept that some colleagues can access your photos, email or social networks while you leave your phone unattended?)
  • prohibit the app installation without your knowledge (cookies for example)

There are several applications with similar functionality, but I prefer Smart App Protector because of its ergonomics, its self-protective functions and advanced settings.

This app however is not free but also very cheap with cost of $1.4 and you can find it on the Google Play / Android Market. However if you don’t want to spend money on that a free version is also available, but you will quickly switch to the paid version to remove the ad on the unlock screen and access the advanced settings of the application unlock code.

App #2: AVG Mobilation

Security suites popping up on the smartphone market. But before talking about viruses or malware (I’m still not fully convinced by the reality of this threat), some vendors offer features that might be called “last chance” for lost or stolen smartphones. One of apps/tools that caught my attention is AVG Mobilation because once installed, you will have the access via their website (web portal “Findr”) to remote control following features on your Android phone:

  • ability to lock the entire phone and display the message of your choice on the screen
  • opportunity to make your phone ring so you can detect where its located, even if it is in silent mode
  • ability to delete data on the phone
  • ability to enable geotagging to locate the phone using Google Map
  • SIM card protection

You will also get the free antivirus solution and its has following features:

  • control links while browsing Web
  • scan on demand and ability to parameterize periodic scans to look for malware and security holes

There are other alternatives, but AVG seems to me that best meet the needs (including the ability to display a message on the screen and monitor the SIM card), not to mention its price because it’s completely free and you can get it from Google Play / Android Market.

However there is also a paid version which should bring you nothing more. One of the features that is included in paid version is equivalent of Smart App Protector (previously suggested above), but less comprehensive and more expensive.

App #3: MyBackup

The golden rule in computing: BACKUPS. Think you already backup your PC to an external drive, what about your smartphone? Other users of Android we’re off to the last point with a distinct disadvantage compared to Apple fans who can synchronize their iPhone with iTunes. While I feel that the ideal solution does not exist yet, MyBackup seems to be one of the most satisfactory solutions today because:

  • ability to backup to SD card or Internet account
  • backup applications and personal data
  • ability to schedule automatic backups
  • ability to keep several different backups
  • restoring backups (attention and this is the problem when restoring applications, the link with the Android market is not rebuilt, so impossible to make updates to applications after restoration)
  • 2 apps available depending on whether you are root or not

Unfortunately this app is not free but it also doesn’t cost too much, only $5; but you will be 100% sure your data is safe and secure backup in case of failure. You can get this app from Google Play / Android Market.

There you go! Those are my suggestions which, by my opinion are more then enough to protect your data. If you have any additional apps which I maybe missed feel free to leave your suggestion in comment section below.

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