[Tutorial] Guide To Disable Siri/Voice Dial When iPhone Is Locked

Siri can be accessed even if your iPhone or iPad is locked and it might allow any person to bypass the security Passcode to use your phone in different ways. Check out this tutorial to know how you can disable Siri and Voice Dial in order to avoid any threat.

[Tutorial] Guide To Disable Siri  Voice Dial When iPhone Is Locked

Many people complained that anyone can make calls, send messages or update Facebook statuses using Siri even if iPhone or iPad is passcode protected. Since Siri can be active on the lock screen, anyone is able to use your iPhone for the various purpose which can be a threat to you. Follow the steps below to disable Siri as well as voice Dial on the lock screen.

How to Disable Siri & Voice Dial from Lock Screen

[Tutorial] Guide To Disable Siri/Voice Dial When iPhone Is Locked

Step 1: From home screen, go to the Setting menu

Step 2: Tap on Touch ID & Passcode from any Touch ID Apple device. If you are using iPhone 5 then go to the General and tap Passcode Lock

Step 3: You have to type your passcode if you have one

Step 4: Tap Done

Step 5: Tap on the Siri and turn it off to disable Siri on lock screen.

It will restrict anyone from using Siri while your phone screen is locked. From the same Touch ID & Passcode menu, you can also disable Voice dial. Afterward, you can enable Siri or Voice Dial any time you want by going through the same process.

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