[Tutorial] How To Disable Access To Siri, Passbook From iOS Lock Screen

Siri is very useful tool for Apple users, because it can help them make phone calls, send messages, set reminders, find information and much more with voice commands. However, you may need to disable access to Siri or Passbook from your iPhone’s or iPad’s lock screen. This tutorial will show you how.

To get started follow steps below.

Step 1: From your home screen tap on Settings and then choose General.

Step 2: Now scroll options under general and tap on Passcode Lock.

Step 3: If you have set the passcode inside your iOS to protect your device, enter the passcode and confirm.

Step 4: Now under Allow Access When Locked section switch Siri from On to Off.

Step 5: You can notice, two other programs, Passbook and Replay with Message, can be disabled from lock screen access. If you want to disable access to these programs from the lock screen, simply switch from On to Off.

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