[Tutorial] How To Change Action Related To Windows 7/Vista Power Button

It can sometimes be very useful to customize your computer in every single detail. Windows allows you to modify the particular action to perform when pressing the power button on your computer. In this tutorial, I will show you how to perform this procedure which works equally well in Windows 7, but also under Windows Vista.

To get started follow below steps

Step 1: From the Start menu choose Control Panel

Step 2: From top right corner choose Small icon view and then from Control Panel results list choose Power Options

Step 3: Now from left part of the window click on Choose what the power buttons do

Step 4: From this window you can change the action for your Power Button. Simply click on dropdown menu and select one of four offered

  • Do nothing
  • Sleep
  • Hibernate
  • Shut down

Step 5: You can also setup powered protection on wakeup by selecting one of two offered options

Step 6: Once you are done click Save changes and close all windows. Next time when you use your power button it will trigger the action which you did choose.

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