[Tutorial] How To Enable/Disable WiFi On Jailbroken iPhone With One Tap

If you are always on hurry and don’t have time going trough options to disable your WiFi on iPhone then this tutorial is for you. If you have a Jailbroken iPhone, by installing a simple app from Cydia you can easily enable or disable WiFi with just one tap on this app. Follow this tutorial to find out how to do that.

To get started follow steps

Step 1: From your Springboard lunch Cydia

Step 2: Once Cydia loads, from bottom of your screen tap on Sections

Step 3: Now scroll the results until you rich to the System section, tap on it to open

Step 4: Now scroll down the results again and tap on WiFiToggle

Step 5: From top right corner tap on Install

Step 6: Again from top right corner tap on Confirm and wait until WiFiToggle downloads and install on your iPhone

Step 7: Once installation process is completed, from bottom of your screen tap on Return to Cydia button

Step 8: From here you will be taken back to the WiFiToggle entry in Cydia. Now click home button on your iPhone and return to the Springboard

Step 9: A new icon called WiFiToggle should be visible in your Springboard and by taping on that icon your WiFi will disable

Step 10: To activate WiFi again simply tap on WiFiToggle icon again.

There you go! I hope many of you will find this app very useful.

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