[Tutorial] How To Fake Your Application UDID On iPhone

UDIDFaker is an Cydia application that aims to change your application UDID (ID) inside the AppStore however it also has a button to change your UDID back to default. This application can be used for example if you have been blacklisted by the creator of the application, or to be identified as another person. In this quick but very useful tutorial I will show you how to install UDIDFaker and how to use it.

To get started you will need two things: a jailbroken iPhone and UDIDFaker 1.01 which you can download from following address.

Once you have above requirements you can proceed with installation.

Step 1: Rename the file .deb into “1.deb

Step 2: Copy the .deb in var/mobile/, Launch Terminal and type the following commands:

su then enter
alpine and enter
dpkg -i 1.deb

Step 3: Launch application and choose the application for which you want to change your UDID

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