[Tutorial] How To Find Out Mac OS X Wi-Fi Networks Passwords You’ve Previously Connected To

If you have recently connected to certain Wi-Fi Network and you can’t remember which password you did used for that connection, in this tutorial I will show you which steps you need to perform in your Mac OS X and see which password you need to use. You won’t need any third party tools for this procedure because Mac OS X have integrated tool for this procedure.

To get started follow steps below

Step 1: On your Mac go to Applications and choose Utilities folder

Step 2: Inside Utilities folder you will find the application called Keychain Access.app. Open that application

Step 3: From Keychain Access left top side of window select login

Step 4: Now use a search field from top right corner of window and type AirPort. This will help us to easier locate the logins related to your AirPort wireless card

Step 5: You will probably see a lot of results but you will need to locate and then double click on the wireless network from which you want to retrieve the login password

Step 6: A new window will open with Attributes of that Wi-Fi Network. From this window check the field Show password

Step 7: Enter your password and confirm by pressing on OK


Step 8: Retype the same password again and click Allow

Step 9: When you return to you’re to window to previously open in Step 6 you will see a password written in last input field. That’s the password you were looking for.

There you go! You can repeat above steps for any other Wi-Fi Network you want to connect to but you can remember which password it was.

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