[Tutorial] How To Increase The Stability Of The Windows Explorer – Windows 8

To improve the stability and speed of Windows Explorer, you can configure it for Windows 7 opens windows in different processes. In that case each window will have its own resources and, in case of a blocked window, others will be available. Follow this tutorial to find out how to perform this procedure in Windows.


To get started follow steps below:

Step 1: On your keyboard press Win+Q buttons to lunch Search Charm bar.

Step 2: Inside search field type windows explorer and press Enter on your keyboard.


Step 3: When Windows Explorer window opens up, choose View tab.


Step 4: Click on Options option located at the very end of Ribbon navigation and from drop down menu click on Change folder and search options.


Step 5: Select View tab.


Step 6: In the Advanced Settings section, select a checkbox in front of Lunch folder windows in a separate process.


Step 7: Then press OK to save your changes.


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