[Tutorial] How To Schedule A Task In Windows 7

The task scheduler in Windows 7 is an interesting tool allowing you to automate, at regular intervals or continuously certain tasks or functions relating to the operation of Windows. In this tutorial I will show you how to use this tool and schedule a certain tasks in Windows 7.

Before continue to follow below steps you must be logged in as administrator in Windows 7 to perform this procedure.

Step 1: Click Start menu and go to Control Panel

Step 2: From top right corner choose a Large icons view and then open Administrative Tools,

Step 3: In new window double click on Task Scheduler.

Step 4: Then from top navigation click Action and from drop down menu select Create Basic Task.

Step 5: New window will open where you can quickly schedule a common task. In Name field fill in your task title and in Description write a short description for your task. Once you are finished click Next to continue.

Step 4: Choose the trigger for your task: specific action or regular time intervals. Click Next

Step 5: Finally, select the action which you want that Task scheduler take:

  • You can choose to automatically launch a program or a third party application by specifying the path to desired program
  • You can send an email to someone
  • Or you can display a certain message.

Step 6: Choose the action that you need and click Next and Finish your Task Scheduler.

There you go, now you know how to schedule a task in Windows 7!

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