[Tutorial] How To Save & Send GIF From An iPhone

GIF image format is super popular in these days. If you could not figure out yet, how to save and send GIF from your iPhone, then this tutorial is just for you.

[Tutorial] How to Save & Send GIF From an iPhone

The Graphics Interchange Format or GIF images are the moving photos that aspect like videos but the files are much lighter than a video file. Besides, GIF does not contain any sound like the video file. Nowadays, people keep sharing millions of GIF every day through social media, message, email. But you might have found it a bit difficult to save and use GIF file from your favorite iPhone. In reality, it is very easy with few taps. Follow the steps to save and share GIF right from any Apple device including iPad, iPod etc.

Guide To Save & Send GIF From iPhone

[Tutorial] How to Save & Send GIF From an iPhone

Step 1: You have to find the GIF that you like to save on your iPhone. It can be any GIF that you have found on online, social media, email or text message

Step 2: You have to press and hold on the GIF which you want to save on your iPhone. You will see a menu appearing after a few seconds

Step 3: Tap on ‘Save Image‘ and your desired GIF file will be downloaded and saved to your iPhone’s Camera Roll

Step 4: To view the saved GIF, launch the Photos app. You will find your saved GIF in the Camera Roll from the Photos

Step 5: You have to tap the GIF to open it but you will see that it’s not animating when opened in Photos app

Step 6: Now tap the Share button from below and select ‘Message’, ‘Mail’ or any other source you want. Now you will see the GIF is animating again in your message or mail when sharing with someone.

Step 7: Now you can select a recipient and compose your message or email. Finally, send the message to anyone that you want. Once the GIF is sent, you will see the animated GIF.

Keep sharing the GIF message and have fun!


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