An Infographic Shows How Complex And Complicated The Social Media Marketing Is

Social media has recently turned from a  new, budding field to a phenomenon which plays very strong role in our lives. There are a number of social media networks online to which are hooked millions of followers. And different networks serve different purpose, from link shortening to providing social intelligence to lots more.

Now, an infographic has been posted online which goes on to show the complex and inter-related world of social media marketing. It depicts the different social media giants, the different tools that are essential for social media marketing and the scope of different networks.

For instance, the infographic goes on to show how certain social media ventures cater specifically to the social marketing management needs while yet others provide custom services such as link shortening, analytics and social intelligence. These services, in turn, are used to successfully push a social media campaign across multiple networks.

Twitter and Facebook, naturally, have a leading role in the world of social media marketing. Facebook and Twitter apps are increasingly popular among the users of these two networks whereas Facebook also has an edge since it offers a number of games from some very prominent platforms.

Another important part of the social media are such sites which offer social search and browsing, for instance the famous website StumbleUpon. These sites are helpful for the users to keep tabs on the social media and stay up-to-date with the happening information.

Blogging platforms also have a key role to play in the overall social media.From Tumblr to Blogger and WordPress, users are hooked up to a number of platforms and consider blogging one of the most important social activity online. You can read the entire infographic below.

Source: Buddy Media

Courtesy: Business Insider

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