How Technology Is Impacting The Lives Of College Students? [Infographic]

Technology has come about to play a very significant role in our lives. Specifically, with the immense expansion of the web and the ability to connect to it becoming more widely available, billions are hooked up to the internet today. And that includes a huge chunk of students too, many of which today rely heavily on modern-day tech for educational purposes.

This has been revealed by an infographic that is created by Presta Electronics. According to the infographic, 90% of college students make use of emails when communicating with their professors. The extent to which technology is vital in their lives can be gauged from the fact that according to 73% students, they simply can’t study without technology.

However, this dependency also comes with side-effects. For instance, students are unable to concentrate and have the persistent urge to check their smartphones and other devices regularly. Research reveals that 38% of college students can’t go on for a mere 10 minutes without checking their smartphone at least once.

Also, a huge chunk of money goes into buying of these devices. In 2009, the electronic devices bought by students alone accounted for a whooping $13 billion! However, the trend of using the devices is still far less in community college students than those in 4-year colleges. Soon, though, this too may change.

Currently, 12 million students take at least one of their classes online. This number will rise to 22 million within the next five years. And such students who take all of their classes online will number around 3.5 million in 2014!

Source: Presta

Courtesy: Mashable

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