Getting In Bed With Your Gadgets [Infographic]

Gadgets such as smartphones and tablets are becoming an increasingly integral part of our lives. We use them all day long, take them to bed, check them first thing in the morning and are nearly always hooked up to them. A new infographic by Online Psychology Degree shows how often we make use of our gadgets in bed.

Sleeping with smartphone

Whereas technology has helped humanity in a lot of ways, it does warrant questions such as how has it altered our lifestyles and whether or not that is good. These questions become more pronounced in the light of this new infographic.

The infographic divulges that 1 out of every 3 smartphone users say that they are ready to relinquish sex when it is a choice between having their smartphone or having sex. In other words, technology may outweigh the significance of relationships at times.

What is even more intriguing is that nearly 95% of the users say that they browse the web, send texts or watch TV using their smartphone or tablet when in bed, just before going to sleep. Even when they sleep, 90% users have their smartphone tucked right next to them.

About 50% users say that if, for any reason, they wake up in the middle of the night, they make sure to check their smartphone to see if they have missed a call or received a text message. The downside of these new trends, thanks to smartphones and tablets, is that most people are not getting their fair share of the sleep and appear dull and sleepy at their workplaces.

The infographic has been reproduced in its entirety below.

Badgets in Bed Infographic

Source: Online Psychology Degree

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  1. genebernice

    Gadgets are harmful to use before and during sleep. Avoid them please.


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