Online Streaming Finally Overtakes DVD [Infographic]

Technology has been advancing at an amazing pace and a necessary evil of this progress is that we have to do away with a lot of outdated technologies to attend to newer ones. Today, as online video streaming gains traction and immense popularity, DVD is finally breathing its last.

The reasons for DVD’s end are obvious. DVD has weight, occupies volume and is costly. Online streaming costs a minimal amount in contrast, is all digital and is quick to acquire and watch. That is precisely why streaming services such as Amazon Prime and Netflix have been wildly popular.

However, the rosy aspect of the things is perhaps only for the customers. When it comes to content producers, a move away from DVDs is not a very happy move. That is because digital content doesn’t pay as good as DVD sales did. Selling digital content online has forced a number of content producers to change their monetizing models.

Now, an infographic has been created by TheDegree360, an online education site. Information from multiple sources has been acquired to bring together the infographic which goes on to show how online video streaming has finally taken over DVDs.

Moreover, digital content also comes with much easier prospects of pirating content. From torrents to P2P software, a whole world of digital content, including movies etc, are available for free to a user. The top 10 most pirated movies of 2011 include Fast Five, The Hangover II, Thor, Source Code, I am Number Four and others.

You can read the entire infographic below:
The Death of DVD
Courtesy of: Online Degrees



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