[Infographic] Just How Big Is Apple?

Analysts and commentators around the world have often wondered and expressed their awe at the overwhelming success, fame and wealth that Apple has amassed within the last few years. The company has been able to generate massive revenue and huge profits on it, beating all other tech companies and becoming the most valuable company in the whole world.

For the record, let’s see just how huge is Apple. Funky Space Monkey has now posted an infographic which quite effectively shows how huge Apple is, in terms of sales, revenue and overall value of the company.

Just to give you a taste of Apple’s size, during the year 2011, Apple’s overall sales mounted to a massive $128 billion! And that is more than the gross domestic product of some 160 nations around the world!

Moreover, Apple is probably the most valuable company in the whole world, steering right ahead of even Exxon. Currently, Apple has a value of $508 billion in the stock market, beating the second company on the list by momre than a $100 billion.

The future seems no less rosy for this tech giant which is all set to make sales of some 56.4 million iPad tablets during the next year, according to projected estimates. However, iPhone remains the most lucrative part of Apple’s business, accounting for 40% of all Apple’s overall revenue. Check the infographic posted below.

Source: Funky Space Monkey

Courtesy: iClarified

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