Most Americans Feel Negatively About Brands With Slow Sites And Apps

Almost 9 out of 10 Americans grow negative feelings about brands with poorly performing websites and apps. About 83% of the population feels negative reaction when a website is too slow. The stats came in SOASTA’s  June 2013 Website and Mobile App Report.

A total of 2046 Americans aged over 18 years were questioned as a part of the survey. The things that came out are pretty interesting.

When asked to rate the most important thing about a website or app, 72% rated the most important thing is “to work whenever they need it.” Website or app performance and response time tied at 62%. The things that came followed include websites or apps that do not crash (53%), provide trustworthy results (45%), and fun to use (38%).

When a brand’s website or app perform poorly 66% feel annoyed, 61% feel frustrated, 17% have a sense of distrust, and 11% feel anger.

Interestingly among the people who react negatively to a slow website or app most of the people (62%) blame their device, network or something else for it. Only 18% decides not to visit the page again. And, 13% think that the site may have been hacked.

You can visualize the results in the following infographic.

Web performance infographic

Source: SOASTA

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