The Evolution Of Business Cards [Infographic]

Did you know that a certain form of business cards existed as far back as 15th century when in Japan, royal visits were announced through a small card which contained the details of the announcement? Ever since then, business cards have become a more widespread notion and are now used extensively around the world. <Click on the image to view it magnified.>

Moo is a very notable and prominent printing service online which prints a lot of things, from very creative business cards to other stuff. The company has now created a very informative infographic which goes on to show how business cards have been around for centuries.

Specifically modern-day business cards have hugely transformed to incorporate a lot of these details. For instance, these days, people are adding their Twitter handles, Facebook profiles links and a lot more on their business cards. In a way, apart from name and phone number, social media profiles have also become an essential part of business cards.

It is quite astonishing to notice that the business card industry clocked at a whooping 12 billion dollars back in 2007! And the trend is only catching up further. People today use it to communicate their information and to ‘market’ their information more attractively. The infographic by Moo does sum up the evolution of business cards in a fair enough manner.

Source: Moo Business Cards

Courtesy: Daily Infographic

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