10 Bizarre Truths And Wild Anecdotes About MegaUpload’s Kim Dotcom

Actually born as Kim Schmitz, which is quite a regular name for someone of German-Finnish descent, he changed his name to Kim Dotcom during an era which is now known as the dot-com bubble in the history of information and technology. He is also referred to as Kimble, King Kimble, Kimpire, Kim-pin and Kim Tim Jim. It is as if since the beginning he stepped into internet business, he wanted to create a phenomenon of himself. His claim to fame is being the founder of MegaUpload and its affiliated websites in 2005 and now being imprisoned for the same.

The craze about being rich is understandable but being psychotically obsessed to the point as to be called Dotcom is beyond normal. But all that did not last long as recently on January 19, 2012, he was put under the charges of criminal copyright infringement of MegaUpload by the New Zealand police and the website’s current status is defunct. Strangely, his whole semblance came to an abrupt end. He was previously convicted of insider trading in 2001 and embezzlement in 2003, for both he served probationary sentences.

He is said to be an avid fast car racer and just as cars came fast and easy, so did women to him to the extent of notoriety. But the anecdotes of his behavioral abnormalities do not end here. There seem to be many stories that became legends, perhaps just as he had wanted to help create his image. Here are ten from many hundreds that you can come across:

1. Being a Mega Man in All Terms

He is known for his larger than life and egotistical extravagance for the love of money. He is of tremendous physical height, but that physicality seemed to have jumped up to his mind too evidenced by the shear pompous lifestyle of his. An interesting bit is about the height he has, which is uncertain in exactitude as there are several accounts to it. Some measure him as 6’ 7”, which is the standard description most go by, but there are other references too. Some even scale his weight as 300 pounds being a mega fatso according to CNET, but others dispute this report too. All this again goes in the legend-creating bank account of his.

2. Adding to the Legend by Name

Image source: Mashable

It is not just about creating a legend as to his physical appearance, there has to be a name ring to it as well. For this reason, Kim Schmitz changed his surname to Dotcom in 2005 after creating MegaUpload, which if indicates anything is his obsession with the World Wide Web.

3. Setting up the Legend for Himself

To create a show out of himself, he travelled with luxury cars, mostly of course without any reason. He took many women to accompany him. As if to have some kind of superhero regular look with specific uniforms, he gave himself an appearance by always being seen in black outfits wearing which he used to often jump suddenly into hot tubs. He is said to make movies about himself racing cars, flirting with women, wasting petroleum in helicopters and private jets, not that he confessed to the latter.

4. Questionable Wealth Accumulation

He made more than $1 million in 2001 when he apparently bought shares in a failed website. He then deceived others by saying he would invest heavily on the project only to sell his shares once the price went high after the announcement, according to The New York Times. To protect his reputation, he came on a popular late-night show saying that others abhor him for his life of ease. He ran away to Thailand but was eventually caught by the police.

5. Showing-off What His Money Can Achieve

To show-off his wealth and to personify himself as an anti-terrorism crusader, he offered anyone who caught Osama bin Laden a prize-money of $10 million according to Fast Company report. He further created a group called Young Intelligent Hackers Against Terrorism. He is said to have given this advice to the experts saying:

“Try Looking in Kandahar in Afghanistan. He visits his wife and daughter there at least once a month.”

6. Arriving at the Finish Line

According to Vanity Fair, he is skilled at fast car racing and won Gumball 3000 in 2005. He is aggressively attached to the sports given the fact he offered so much as to ‘bribe’ the two female drivers with $500,000 each if he beat them to the race. Upon his arrest, the police confiscated 21 luxury cars according to the Wall Street Journal.

7. Being a Modern Warfare 3 Warrior

Kim Dotcom was the world’s highest-ranking Modern Warfare 3 player. What is bizarre is that to prove his veracity he made a video of the event celebrating while he made the mark.

8. 2011 New Year’s Fireworks for Auckland

Image source: Mashable

He claimed to have paid $500,000 for the New Year’s fireworks for the City of Auckland, New Zealand in 2011 and again to prove his worth, rather than words, he made a video showing just where he was while the fireworks cracked up lightening the skyline.

9. Saving Face

Image source: Mashable

To protect himself from all the controversies created due to copyright infringements by Megaupload, he made a video supporting his website. In the music video, many celebrities appeared expressing their likeness of the website. It goes to show that if paid, celebrities would say anything, just show them the money and uncertain wealth accumulators could do anything.

10. Arrested in a Saferoom

Image source: iStock

When the police came to take him away for custody, he had hid himself in an electronically locked saferoom, which the police had to cut through to capture him. He was found holding a gun in his hand. Now we know that he is madly dangerous too.

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