EU And Japan Join Forces To Build 100Gbps Fiber Optic Internet

Are you feeling sorry that Google Fiber hasn’t come to your town yet? Hold your breath, because there is something hotter. Considering the speed it’s 100 times hotter than Google Fiber. Yeah, you calculated it right! I’m talking about 100Gbps internet.

optical fiber

EU and Japan has joined forces to enable 100Gbps internet. The project, announced with several other research projects, is named STRAUSS. The project aims to shoot fiber-optic data rates to 100Gbps, 5000 times faster then the current EU average internet speed. It intends to achive the data rate by leveraging “software defined networking principles, on optical network virtualization as well as on flexible optical circuit and packet switching technologies.” The resulting network architecture will be tested in large-scale testbeds in EU and Japan.

EU is anticipating internet traffic to increase 12-fold in the next five years. The STRAUSS project, and its 5 brothers, are aimed to enable EU and Japan’s internet backbonbe to handle the traffic load. The porjects will receive €18 million in funding over the next several years.

Source: Europa

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